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by justin 15. October 2009 05:05

There really is no excuse for my month+ leave of absence on this blog, my apologies dear readers and customers. I've been so busy and creatively burnt lately that I haven't been able to think of any really good topics, so despite that still being an issue I'm going to start typing and hopefully at some point something useful or interesting will happen.

I guess I could start off talking about SEO, or "Search Engine Optimization". It's a series of techniques that expert web designers use to boost their rankings on popular search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing. The methods used to do this are shrouded in mystery and everytime a really easy method is discovered it's quickly circumvented by the search engines, so in order to really boost your site's rankings the site itself really has to be... well... good. It doesn't matter how much money you pay an SEO guy - nowadays if your site has no current content, no interesting links, a poorly worded description or header, is entirely flash based, or just a sad attempt to sell a bad product, you're screwed. 

Here's the formula for a top-ranked web page:

  • Figure out what keywords people will be entering in to search engines in order to find you. For me it's "Portland Computer Repair". Use these words often but IN CONTEXT. Don't just place them all over the page willy nilly. Try to capitalize them whenever possible.
  • Use image tags often and make them relevant - also try to include your keywords in as many as you can.
  • Use meta description and title tags to ACCURATELY DESCRIBE YOUR BUSINESS and use your keywords at the top of your description
  • If you're going to use fancy flash animations, make sure that all of the content in the Flash thingy is also in your HTML code somewhere. Google can't watch and understand your fancy Flash stuff, so whenever possible spell out what you're trying to describe as clearly as possible.

Once you've done all that, you're still not going to have a top ranked page. Why? Because if your page isn't interesting to anyone, Google won't rank you highly. How does Google tell if your site is interesting to anybody? By looking at how many people have LINKS TO YOUR WEB PAGE ON THEIR SITE. This is vitally important, more so than anything above. Good SEO guys will know how to get your page mentioned on popular blogs, forums, and web sites that deal with the kind of space that you're getting into. Having a popular blog yourself (ahem) that people are actually interested in and occasionally linking to can make a HUGE impact as well.

So, that said, the guy who did MY SEO is offering his services free to any business sector that he's not doing business with currently (like, *cough*, computer repair people). If you're interested he's good, local, and an all around nice guy. His website is www.bestjobpdx.info .

Look for my next post... err... within the next month at least! :P



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